What Is Antidote?

This nonprofit is the result of Diane’s many years of effort to find a comprehensive solution to the problem of psychological manipulation. By defining psychological manipulation as a public health problem and developing ways to combat it with education, support and outreach, she is determined to build a solution that is proportional to the dangerous and harmful effects these deceptive tactics have on individuals, families and society at large.

Like any public health approach, Diane believes we must focus on prevention. At the same time, we must find ways to care for those directly affected. Antidote does both.

Diane is the proud founder of Antidote.ngo

Antidote educates those most at risk and supports those who have been harmed by tactics of psychological manipulation.

Do you, or does a loved one need information and support?

Antidote is seeking to collaborate with:

  • Mental health professionals
  • Support group facilitators and formers (those who have left controlling relationships or organizations)
  • Community and online influencers
  • Volunteers of all kinds

Would you like to work with Antidote.ngo?

Working together we can be the Antidote to the public health problem of psychological manipulation.